What’s the single most important factor to take into consideration when recruiting?

It's not all about the candidates skills, experience or degree, what matters above all is the individual’s natural character.

Personality is everything.

A candidate might seem like the perfect fit for the role, but if their personality doesn’t gel, they’re not going to stick around.

87% of people who leave organisations do so because of a personality clash.

If the personality doesn’t match the role, then be prepared to advertise for the same roles again and again.

But when the personality fits, your entire business can look forward to;




Let us assist you with your most time consuming and difficult task - finding that needle in a haystack, that diamond in the rough!

With our experienced team, we can make recruiting for your business easy.

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What’s our secret? 

We understand that effective recruitment is an ongoing process. What’s more, we understand the vital importance that a candidate’s personality plays in finding the right person for the role.

Effective Advertising – We’ll work with you to create an accurate and up-to-date job description that will only attract the right candidates.

Quality Over Quantity – Rather than overwhelming you with a towering pile of CVs, we’ll instead send you 2-3 complete and carefully curated profiles of the very best candidates.

Looking Beyond the Obvious – With our scientifically-proven behaviour descriptive interviewing techniques, we can glean expert insights into a candidate’s in-job behaviour.

Expert Personality Profiling – We use personality profiling tests on every candidate to match the right personality to the right role. Through avoiding personality clashes, we ensure that candidates can stay in the job and achieve their potential without feeling uncomfortable.

Onboarding & Orientation – Our relationship doesn’t end once the role’s been filled! We keep an eye on any candidates you recruit to ensure we did a good job. We’ll return once the person’s settled into the role to assess their performance.


Why Choose Drake East Midlands?

We can find the right person for your role by our excellent resourcing techniques and database of experienced people.

We can save you time, effort and money, whilst you can get on with your responsibilities.

We can provide you with hassle free recruitment, plain and simple, we'll find the right person for your needs.

At Drake East Midlands, we have over 30 years’ experience in finding precisely the right candidates for every role.

We can guarantee to deliver results FASTER than any other recruiter. And best of all, everything we do for you is completely free until you’re satisfied with the candidate!

We have a long list of satisfied clients from a huge range of sectors. Just take a look at our testimonials!

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